About the Institutional Challenge category

Whether your country (or regional government) offers aspiring energy communities the legal possibilities to engage in p2p exchange, as a community.

The European Union has asked its members states to create these legal possibilities. It has indicated what legal conditions need to be met, but every country has its own way of translating these instructions into national legislation. Also, some countries are faster than others in writing and implementing this new legislation. That is why it can be indeed quite a challenge to understand the latest rules and how they are going to work in practice. The situation changes regularly.

For that reason, the RLIT on this website provides you with points you need to pay attention to, so that you can understand the implications of current or future legislation for your community. These points are divided into necessary conditions and obstacles.
The institutional readiness of your country is very important, because if it isn’t, you will likely not be able to make a viable business case for your p2p community.