About the Organisational Challenge category

Here you can find everything related to the challenges you face in P2P energy communities on an Organisational level.

What organisation?

Your collective effort to become engaged in flexibility and/or P2P will need a formal organisational structure, so you can act as a legally recognized actor in the energy system or you have a system in place to take decisions democratically, for example.

When is the organization ready?

Your organization is fully ready when it has the legal and practical ability to engage, plan, decide, communicate, organise, finance and administer affairs related to P2P energy trading, in line with community goals and values.

How to find out if you’re organizationally ready?

There are questions about:

  • Formal and informal organisational structure & governance. For example, do you need to become a cooperative? What about statutes, formal agreements etc?
  • Internal alignment: how to organise collaboration internally?
  • Resources, skills & competences: what is needed? What is available internally? What not and how can it be sources externally?
  • Broader collaboration: all the stakeholders you need to collaborate with in order to make your project a success.