About the User Challenge category

User challenges are about how the (future) members of (future) energy communities are involved and engaged.

Who are the users?

Households (home owners and tenants), but possibly also business owners and employees, administrators and occupants of public organisations (e.g., schools), and landlords etc.

When are the users ready?

When the users are ready, they are aware, informed, interested, willing and able to become part of an energy community project that includes or strives to include P2P energy trading.

How to find out?

When you fill out our questionnaire in the Readiness Level Indicator Tool, you will be able to assess whether your community members are ready. There are questions about:

  • Knowledge & awareness: do users know what they are getting into?
  • Values & goals: is it clear to users how this initiative matches their own values and goals
  • Willingness & ability: is there clarity on the potential benefits and drawbacks or risks for (different) users (e.g., consider energy vulnerability and - poverty)