User Challenge

Values & Goals P2P exchange can be organized so as to support diverse values and goals. A distinction can be made between environmental, economic and social values. Clarity on the goals (e.g. local self-consumption; or maximise financial return) that a P2P energy community focuses on, is necessary for users to assess if these match their own values and goals. Knowledge & Awareness Users need to have or acquire a certain level of knowledge about what P2P entails, and how it will affect themselves, the situation at home and the community. Being aware and becoming knowledgeable provides users with a good basis to take decisions (e.g. about joining in or opting out). Willingness & Ability When users are interested to participate in a P2P energy community, they also need to be able to participate – e.g. the ability to understand what it means, the ability to invest resources (money, time and energy).
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